San Francisco Muni

Grid network redesign, electrification, MUNI+BART Integration

San Francisco Muni

Served as MUNI’s first Director of Planning, responsible for service planning and long-range projects. Highlights included:

Subsequently, as LTK consultant, prepared a report on operational aspects of the extension of streetcar service from Fisherman’s Wharf to Fort Mason. This assignment included operational analysis of the streetcar service; appraisal of operating issues of the various alignment alternatives; conceptual design of some alignments and terminals; estimation of traction power requirements for the extension; and operations and maintenance costs. The proposed operation of the service was analyzed in sufficient detail to provide information on minimum operable headways and recommendations on service levels, capacity, travel time, and equipment requirements. Additional maintenance and rolling stock storage requirements were also identified, along with any required improvements on existing trackage. The analysis addressed applicable California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issues regarding safety and signaling requirements for operations related to single-track operations and in other areas where required.

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